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Gastronomy Poetry 170710

 Supper / Family Dinner  Main Course +Meatloaf Ground Beef seasoning bell peppers garlic green onions egg tomato paste glaze +Fresh corn on the cob (boiled) served w/ a pat of butter +Mash Potatoes (from scratch) Salad - Fresh & Chopped lettuce carrots tomatoes red onion broccoli bell peppers avocado cucumbers grated cheese French Dressing cracked … Continue reading Gastronomy Poetry 170710

A Happier Meal

Gastronomy Poetry: Fish Fry Friday Dinner ♥ Main Course Catfish (skinned, quartered, seasoned, cornmeal breaded & pot fried) Macaroni & Cheese Green Beans (Can) Salad - Fresh Chopped lettuce carrots cherry tomatoes red onion broccoli bell peppers avocado grated cheese Ranch Dressing cracked black pepper Beverages:  Strawberry Soda and/or Water Desert:  Thrifty’s Ice Cream – Butter … Continue reading A Happier Meal

National Airborne Day

"National Airborne Day is observed each year on August 16.   Designated by the United States Congress, National Airborne Day honors the nation’s airborne divisions of the Armed Forces.  National Airborne Day was created in 2001 by 43rd United States President, George W. Bush. August 16, 1940, marks the date of the first official Army parachute … Continue reading National Airborne Day

Thank You Note

  "Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart." ~Henry Clay Dear Reader: Briefly, I am writing to thank you for your patronage of this website.  I hope you enjoy my postings, past and future. Thank you for taking time to read these writings. … Continue reading Thank You Note